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I have been always dedicated and inspired to teach young generations music performance and artistry. It has been great 10 years since I started pedagogy and its practice, inspired by my mother - violin teacher herself- who encourage me to continue her mission in teaching violin and viola with a great passion. I have obtained a Bachelor degree in Music, Masters of Arts with Distinction, Advance Diploma of viola performance and prestigious Teaching Certificate issued by the Royal Academy of Music. 


 I  share my newest methods with a great enthusiasm while helping young violists to achieve their aspirations in music performance.

My teaching and performing methods are strongly influenced by my teachers and mentors : Philip Dukes, Martin Outram, Paul Silverthorne and Roger Chase. Furthermore I always aim to introduce the most effective techniques of viola and violin playing by choosing diverse repertoire, discipline of practising, consequently it maximises my students ability to express their musicality. As a teacher I particularly  concentrate on the use of the sound of the instrument in its full range of colours and left hand technical brilliance.

I am currently available for lessons in London in person or online. Please contact me for more details.

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